Upprvalley Stitch

About the brand


Upprvalley Stitch brings the creativity and performance aesthetics of the outdoors to your home. Handmade and timeless pieces that will stand the test of time and adventures in your everyday life.

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Upprvalley Stitch started in 2015 out of fascination for the outdoors and workwear aesthetics. Add to this the urge to create, enthusiasm for food and cooking and the idea of crafting outdoor inspired aprons was born. Each apron is handmade and stitched in Amsterdam, the Netherlands on a Juki sewing machine.

Our aprons are named after mountains, highlands, valleys and forests. After thorough research each is given

its name that describes its personality best. We don’t just buy cloths and make aprons, we care about our products and believe they develop character in time. Don’t be surprised to find out we have aprons and ideas lying around nameless until we more or less get to know them and by that knowing what name fits best its character and personality.

Our journey starts with aprons, but just like trails, passages and roads, it will not end there.

Onwards! And stay humble.