Can cooking with wine or beer get you drunk?

Truth or myth?

I’m a sucker for good stews. And if you are a stew lover as well, you know that often times wine or beer is added to the cooking process. Hooray!

I always thought that this would cause no harm and kids of all ages could enjoy my stews, whether I added wine or not. I mean, the alcohol vaporizes while cooking so nobody can get drunk right? Wrong!

Apparantly alcohol DOES NOT burn off. As it turns out, many popular dishes cooked with wine or any other liquor still contain alcohol. So, what’s the best way to cook with alcohol? Well, of all the cooking methods you could use, baking or simmering for 2 and 1/2 hours or longer (like done with stews) removes the most alcohol overall. But 30 minutes of baking still leaves you with a little over a third of any alcohol you added to the recipe. So the longer you cook a dish, the less alcohol remains. But keep in mind – especially when serving children or recovering alcoholics – that a small percentage of alcohol will remain.

Wait, what about the tiramisu, I hear you say. Eating normal portions won’t get you wasted so rest assured.

Source: Business Insider

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