The meaning of the name Upprvalley

Upprvalley - the meaning of the name

A short breakdown

Upprvalley, whats in the name you say? If we break the brand name apart then we have two words; upper and valley. Though it really consist of three main ingredients.

First up are mountains and valleys, ascending and descending, which form the outdoor aspect in the name. As cityfolk we have a natural longing for the outdoors as both escape and catalyzer as well. Just like concrete buildings need trees and other greens to make it a livable and pleasant environment.

Upprvalley is also about everyday life, a state of mind

Upprvalley is also about everyday life, the highs and lows, uplifting music and comfort foods. A state of mind. From the top to the nitty gritty.

And finally Uppr also represent uptown, premium and quality while Valley on the other hand reminds us its not about the glitter and glamour and pricetags. Yes, our prices are premium but we stand for quality, durability and less waste. We’d rather see you buy one apron from us each 3 – 5 years then every other month and replace old with new. Kindalike its usually best to do one thing well, we believe you’re better off buying one good product than multiple cheaper items.

Could we have made the breakdown any shorter? Probably, but why would we? In fact, in the upcoming blogs we’ll dive deeper in our brand so you can get a better understanding of it and the reasons why it became and we do what we do. Because journey’s don’t end.

Keep on keeping on!